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    climbing in chamonix

    The legendary granite of Chamonix holds some of the world's most treasured routes. All sizes of cracks, slabs and chimneys line the spires of Envers des Aiguilles, Bassin d'Argentiere, mont blanc du tacul, combe maudite and grand capucin just to name a few...the list is endless!!

    Argentiere bassin

    From the picturesque Argentiere hut loads of granite routes are accessible. A perfect place to perfect your crack skills on golden rock.

    There is a great guidebook:

    JMEditions Mont Blanc Granite - volume 1 Argentière Basin.

    Some classic routes are:

    Minaret: voie rebufat, versants satanique
    Arete du jardin
    La vierge: reves de singe
    pillier jaune

    Envers des aiguilles

    L'envers des aiguilles was the mecca of granite climbing in the 90's. Hundred's of routes line the peaks here, often moderate route's in the 5.9/5.10 range on perfect granite from 600ft to 2000ft high! Here are a few classics.

    Tour rouge: Marchand de sable
    Pointe des Nantillons: Bienvenue au georges 5, subtilites dulferiennes
    Tour verte: le piege
    Aiguille de la republique
    Aiguille de roc : children of the moon

    Aiguilles de chamonix

    The peaks directly overlooking chamonix hold some of the most popular routes in the area. A lot aof these route are day climbs and can be done without spending a night at the hut. In Chamonix only!

    Also a great guidebook by JMEditions: Mont Blanc Granite - volume 2 aiguilles de chamonix.

    Pillier rouge de blaitiere: Majorette Thacher, Nabot leon, Fidel fiasco.
    Aiguille du midi: Contamine, Rebuffat

    Combe maudite

    The Combe Maudite holds somme of the steepest most incredible spires in the chamonix valley. Probably the most popular sector these days due to a flawless rock. The altitude of these climbs are over 9000ft so you will feel the altitude!!

    Grand capucin: Voie des suisses/O sole Mio
    Bonatti route, L'echo des alpages, Voyage selon Gulliver
    Trident: Les intouchables, lepiney
    chandelle : Bonnati Tabou
    Pillier gervasuti
    Aiguilles du diable traverse