Fjord/Ice cap expeditions

Patagonia Is composed of Mountains, Fjords and Ice Caps. Arms of salty water snake through peninsulas of soaring rime mountains and transport the crashing debris of glaciers to the sea. This place of wilderness holds some of the most remote peaks on earth. The difficult weather and terrain makes it very committing and also give it it's worth...Like a rare gem.

Patagonian GIants

Climbing in on the Ice Cap or in the fjords takes time and the logistics are often complicated. Boats are often used to access the most remote parts. Profit from my long years of experience in setting up these once in a lifetime expeditions! Contact me to build the expedition of your dreams.

The summits in these tempest  ridden lands are often covered in rime mushrooms, making for the most amazing scenery and unique climbing. Little aluminum wings are attached to the top of the axes (for more support in inconsistent snow) to climb the most difficult mushrooms like on Cerro Torre!

Monte Sarmiento

In the most remote part of Patagonia, south of the Darwin straight lies the Darwin range. Monte Sarmiento is the rime covered giant that guards the entrance to this land of legends. It is quicky reached by crossing the mythical Magelland's strait.

Cordillera Sarmiento

Only three hours of Navigation away from Puerto Natales, making it one of the most accessible of the "remote" Patagonia, Cordillera Sarmiento, and the fjord that lies at it's feet holds a huge amount of unclimbed summits! Crossing the dense jungles and gaining the glacier where skis are often neccesary are the last boundary between the sumits of any mountaineers dreams!

Cordon Mariano Moreno

From El Chaten, a Day's walk gets you to the Paso Marconi. This is the door to another world. A world of ice and rock, the entrance to the southern ice cap , the famed Hielo Continental. The Mariano Moreno range is huge and still has 2 unclimbed summits! Although these ascents are not as technical as the ones in the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre Ranges they more than make up in terms of commitment  with its remoteness and size.


Cerro Lautaro

Cerro Lautaro is an active volcano and the highest point of the southern ice cap, at roughly 6,600ft (2000m) above the fjords. Lautaro was a leader of the Mapuche Indians.

The first ascentionists in 1964 found a smoldering crater at the top!

Needless to say the view from the summit is one of the greatest in all Patagonia!

An ascent of Lautaro is done with skis and sleds over various weeks...unless you are using wind kites to move faster!

To ascend there is complicated path finding through crevasses, ice wall and rime mushrooms.

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